Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Crafts

This past Saturday in preparation for Easter and my book Puppet Play I showed crafty kids how to make their own Bunny puppet.

Here is the list of materials that you can find around the house.
old sock for body
assorted felt for ears
2 buttons for eyes
scrap of felt for pupil or other fabric
1 pom pom for nose
1 cotton ball
3 pipecleaners for whiskers
tissue paper for inside of ear

glue stick
hot glue gun(optional)
Step 1
Gather materials.
Step 2
Fold a pipecleaner in half and twist 3 to four times at one end. Twist top once. Shape pipecleaner into a rabbit ear shape.Make a second ear.
Step 3
Cut felt ear shape so it is at least 1/4" bigger all around the pipecleaner.
Step 4
Cut four ear shapes.
Step 5 and 6
Sew through top twist of the pipecleaner to tack it to the felt.Twisted part of pipecleaner can fall below felt. Tack along the center sides as well.

Step 7
Place other felt shape on top and sew a whip stitch around the ear. Cut tissue smaller than the ear and use a glue stick to adhere on the back of paper and press onto front side of ear.
Step 8
Bend pipecleaner back.
Step 9
Cut third pipecleaner into three sections and twist twice together at the middle to make the whiskers.
Step 10
Sew through center of pipecleaner whiskers to attach to the sock.Sew a few stitches and then sew through the pom pom.
Step 11
Cut small felt eyesbrows and circles for the pupils and eyes.
Step 12
Use either hot glue or sew eyes and eyebrows to the sock. Then position and sew ears to the sock by sewing over pipecleaner and ear felt/fabric.
Step 13
Cut a felt rectangle and cut a v-shape out of it. Glue or sew teeth to sock below the whiskers.
Step 14
Use hot glue to attach cotton ball tail.

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