Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craft Month Interview: Fashion Journalist Sofia Hedstrom

I met Sofia Hedstrom (AKA Sofia Headstrong) while doing a craft event at Etsy. Right away I noticed her unique fashion sense and sweet personality.

Tell us about yourself?
I'm a correspondent for Swedish and Norweigan TV in addition to being the fashion correspondent for Sweden's biggest newspapers, Svenska Dagbladet, where I also write the daily fashion blog. In a couple of weeks my first book is coming out in Sweden. Very exciting!

What kind of projects are you currently working on?
For the fashion manifesto I collected over 50 recipes from all over the world. After my shopping free year I prefer to work with what I have in my wardrobe rather than buy new clothes. I always wear skirts so I have tons of recipes for used stockings.

Is there something new that you are really excited to work on? Tell us.
The book, Modemanifestet- The new fashion manifesto
Equal parts memoir, manifesto and how-to, this book will chronicle Sofia Hedström’s non-shopping journey through New York, Paris and Milan’s Fashion Weeks and in everyday life. It will also articulate 7 principles or essential rules to become fashion fit. Finally, the book will provide 50 simple and playful “recipes” for reinventing garments. Based on Sofia’s travels from Reykjavik to Brooklyn, the book will show readers how to bury t-shirts in the ground, transform a button down shirt into a pair of pants, and cover stains with embroidery.

An exclusive foreword by world famous designer Vivienne Westwood sets the tone. In Sweden, the nation’s oldest publisher, Norstedts, will publish the book in March 2011.

Where do you find your daily inspiration?
From myself and my own experiences. I think that's the best way to go and I always try to put myself in new situations to gain new experiences. As a fashion journalist it was very interesting not to shop anything for a year, it really forced me to be creative with what I have.

Do you ever get in a fashion rut?
I always dress after a very clear vision that I get each day when I wake up. For me clothes are like a costume and sometimes I dream of Belle de jour or being a flap dancer in shanghai during the 20s.

What is your work space or artist studio like?
It's my home, so I can roll out of bed into my desk. I collect objects in the shape of animals and have porcelin plant pots in the shape of swans, dear lamps, bird name it. It's the opposite to minimalistic so it reflects me.
What is your favorite snack that you like to have while creating your art?
Popcorn. When I have a tight deadline I always make popcorn.

Are there any art or craft projects from your childhood that you still remember well?
I started experimenting with my clothes when I was really young. I have strong memories from a tie dye faze when I was 13. Me and my best friends used to get home from school, start a tie dye session and then go into the sauna while the clothes boiled on the stove.
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