Saturday, March 12, 2011

NYC Wishing Well

Living in NYC can often test your patience. I was waiting for the G train in Brooklyn and began to pace back and forth. While pacing I often look down in the tracks and see unpleasant garbage, ROUS(rodents of unusual size), and a river of muck. Today I heard the sound of "water-drops" falling into a puddle on the tracks. However, this puddle was actually filled with a glimmer of coins and became an impromptu wishing well by subway riders. There seemed to be almost 50 pennies tossed into the tracks. I am not suggesting that anyone should throw anything in the tracks but I began to ponder the traditional "wishing well" and the need for New Yorkers to make one here. I also wondered what people were wishing for. Did I throw a penny? While contemplating this the train finally came.

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