Thursday, March 17, 2011

Craft interview with Brassy Apple

Tell us about yourself?
My name is Megan or "Ms. Apple" as the delivery guy sometimes calls me (ha!) - I am a pattern designer and passionate DIY-er. I love to create items that are easy to wear, display and/or create. I have dabbled in several areas of the ARTS and try to live my days just carving out my own path.
What kind of craft, sewing, or art projects are you currently working on?
My bunchy scarves have been extra popular this Spring season with the recent addition of my Extra Large flower brooches as well. I can't seem to keep them in stock.

Is there something new that you are really excited to work on?
I am finishing up a new pattern booklet for cotton fabric scarves to compliment the other 20 scarf designs that have been released. This pattern booklet will also include 3 different flower brooch designs including the extra large one!

Besides sewing and crafting my newest and most exciting project is my blog. It's a blog where a single photo is shared daily based on a monthly theme. I tiny peek into someone else's life. Their struggles, their joy.....their story.

Where do you find your daily inspiration?
Lately it has been color and simplicity. I am so motivated and moved by color. It's been the springboard for designs in all areas - home decor, fashion, crafting.....Simplicity is the other driving factor. I like things that are easily put together without much fuss. I like to take what looks hard or complicated and show people how to create the same look quickly, easily and inexpensively.

What is your work-space or artist studio like?
Full. Like most people I like to surround myself with things that I love and make me happy. I have an inspiration board full of pictures and quotes, a table that is full of projects in the works, a sewing area and of course my office desk. It's my favorite piece in the room. I purchased it second hand and redid it "Brassy" style with a high gloss black paint and decoupaged the drawer fronts with fabric.

What is your favorite snack that you like to have while making and creating your art?
Hot Tamales! When I am really in a creative "groove" or "rut" I like to munch on these.

Are there any art or craft projects from your childhood that you still remember well?
I remember I loved paper dolls. I loved creating my own clothes for them. I would sketch out the pieces, add the details, color and cut them out making sure to add the tabs so they would stay on.

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