Thursday, March 3, 2011

March is Craft Month: Fiber and Wood

March is craft month. I'm going to try to do as many craft posts as possible.

I recently went to the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC. The textile called, "The Silk Rainforest", caught my eye. This was created with silk, linen, and cotton by Sheila Hicks. The sea of blue, greens, and golden colors draws you right in. I love the rich saturated color this artist uses in all her work.

Silas Knopf created this exquisite wood cabinet with macassar ebony, walnut, and maple. Bad Hare Day, is an elegant furniture piece with an element of fun. The design of the animals is full of such movement. The rabbit and foxes look strinking against the wood and feels just like a forrest scene.


Amber said...

i was linked to you blog by the Brassy Apple. you have a new follower.

Chacoy said...

That wood cabinet is absolutely amazing!
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Rani said...

Gorgeous cabinet! Found you via The Brassy Apple!!!

darbyscloset said...

I didn't know March was crafty month!!! This will be my favorite month...I love to craft!!!
Thanks so much!
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jengd said...

What amazing works! I'm here from Brassy Apple! Thanks for the chance!

Janetta said...

Brassy Apple lover here too. Your book looks amazing!